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San Francisco based data transparency firm raises $31 million

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Earlier this week, on Tuesday, PeerNova, data transparency, and reconciliation company based in the US received funding of $31 million from multiple investors.

The lead investors in the San Francisco based company are Mosaik Partners and also included Intuitive Venture Partners and Medici Ventures.

The overall funding raised by the data transparency company amounts to $74 million which according to the company would be used to develop cuneiform, a data platform.

Ganesh Ganesan, the founder, CEO, and President of the company stated: “We would use the funds to build unique solutions to our customers.” 

The Cuneiform application would be used by financial organizations to synchronize its data which would help its clients to save money and time, according to the company. 

PeerNova’s technology has benefited companies to organize their assets with their proprietary technology.